Call for Paper, Special Issue on Advance Technologies in Communication, Networking,

March 2021

It is expected that in the future the number of devices and data inputs will scale from thousands to millions to billions, reaching Exa-scale dimensions, while the sensors and cameras onboard the various devices will increase in number and capabilities (e.g., resolution), further skyrocketing the volume of data produced. The challenges ahead cannot be handled by a single technology or a single domain (intra-datacenter, inter-datacenter, centralized cloud, distributed cloud/fog). Instead, synergies are required in the technologies, tools, techniques to be developed considering end-to-end operation and tackling issues related to resource deployment and orchestration, networking, security, application management and advanced analytics. With the rapid advent of various expanding research on wireless mobile networks, such as MANETs VANETs , CCNs , WSNs , and IoT etc , more and more smart mobile devices ( e.g . smart phones, smart -watches, smart -glasses, personal wearable communication devices and wearable healthcare devices, etc.) have been designed to adapt to the development of wireless mobile networks, which indicates that we are entering an era of smart society. By leveraging the wireless mobile networks, smart mobile devices can communicate with each other and exchange n anytime and information to perform the optimal control or display necessary information anywhere. Although there have been large numbers of research efforts relevant to this area, it is still necessary to address many challenges of wireless mobile networks by utilizing ongoing works. On in terms of energy consumption, radio resource On one hand, the efficient resource utilization, routing selection etc., is still a big challenge in wireless mobile networks. On the other hand, the deployment of exiting wireless mobile networks lacks appropriate monitoring, response sms and cognitive ability etc. Therefore, building “advanced” wireless mobile networks mechanic with the features of intelligent and cooperative communication, cross -layer optimization, and security -e solved. The aim of guarantee etc. has become an utmost important and urgent task to bthis special issue is to motivate researchers to publish their latest research, up - to - date issues, and challenges in the field of wireless mobile networks. Scopes networks challenges in the field of wireless mobile proposed submissions should be original and unpublished. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

· Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks, Ad hoc and Opportunistic Networks

· Vehicular Networks

· Trust, security, and privacy in wireless mobile networks

· Data storage, data centers and cloud computing in wireless mobile networks

· Content centric networking

· Mobility management and modeling in wireless mobile networks

· Wireless applications, mobile e - commerce , multimedia

· Wireless network architectures

· Virtualization High performance network

· Multipath communication over wireless mobile

· Cryptography and Information


Guest Editors

Dr. Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf

Al-Nahrain University, Iraq 

Dr. Jesús Hamilton Ortiz

Universidad Castilla La Mancha  

 Dr. Kingsley A. Ogudo

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

 Important Dates

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2020

Initial Acceptance: October 15, 2020

Revised Paper Submission: November 15, 2020

Final Acceptance: December 15, 2020