A New Topology of Three-Phase Four-Wire UPQC with a Simplified Control Algorithm

Yash Pal, A. Swarup, B. Singh


In this paper, a simplified control algorithm based on unit vector template generation (UVTG) is proposed for a star-delta supported three-phase four-wire (3P-4W) unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) topology for the improvement of different power quality problems. Different topologies reported in literature for 3P-4W UPQC use active compensation for the mitigation of source neutral current along with other power quality (PQ) problems, while the uses of passive elements for the mitigation of source neutral current are advantageous over the active compensation due to ruggedness and less complexity of control. Hence, in this paper a star-delta transformer is connected in shunt near the load for mitigation of source neutral current, while three-leg voltage source inverters (VSIs) based shunt and series active power filters (APFs) of 3P-4W UPQC mitigate the current and voltage based distortions, respectively. A simple control algorithm based on Unit Vector Template Generation (UVTG) is used as a control strategy of UPQC for mitigation of different PQ problems. In this control scheme, the current/voltage control is applied over the fundamental supply currents/load voltages instead of fast changing APFs currents/voltages, thereby reducing the effects of computational delay and the required sensors. The performance of the proposed topology of UPQC is analyzed through simulations results using MATLAB software with its Simulink and Power System Block set toolboxes.

佳日帕爾,A. Swarup,辛格B.


在本文中,一個簡單的控制算法基於單位向量生成模板(UVTG)提出了一個星 - 三角支持的三相四線(3P-4W)統一電能質量調節器(UPQC)拓撲結構不同功率的提高質量問題。在文獻報導的3P-4W UPQC不同的拓撲使用源中性線電流以及其他電能質量(PQ)問題的緩解積極賠償,而對於源中性線電流的緩解無源元件的用途是在到期積極賠償有利到耐用性和較少的控制的複雜性。因此,在本文中,而三足電壓源逆變器(VSI實例)的並聯和串聯有源電力濾波器星 - 三角變壓器連接負載源中性線電流的緩解附近分流,3P-4W UPQC的(的APF)減輕電流和電壓基於扭曲,分別。基於單位向量模板生成(UVTG)一個簡單的控制算法作為UPQC對不同的電能質量問題的緩解控制策略。在該控制方案中,電流/電壓控制施加在基本供給電流/負載的電壓,而不是快速變化的APF的電流/電壓,從而降低了計算延遲和所需的傳感器的影響。 UPQC的建議拓撲的性能是通過仿真結果利用MATLAB軟件的Simulink和電力系統座套工具箱進行分析。

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